Your step into adulthood.

When it comes to money, it’s easy to lie to yourself about numbers. Managing money like an adult means surveilling yourself when your “wants” are holding your inner counsellor hostage. Part of being an adult means thinking about long term securities such as purchasing life insurance, even if you’re not a parent.

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8 easy steps to avoid unnecessary spends

1. We waste a lot of money when we don’t track our spending Unfortunately we can’t go back in time and un-spend all of the money that we wasted in the last few months, so we just have to take this lesson, accept it, and do better going forward. 2. Eating out once a week …

Advantages of using a Business Consultant

Purchasing an insurance policy for you home or business can be confusing and overwhelming but with a professional Consultant like myself, you’ll get the much required guidance and help to choose the right coverage. I’m associated with a top insurance provider and have in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Life will carry on

The Story Told by Olivia Taylor, James’ wife; James was a healthy, dedicated family man who was very active. He exercised all the time. One day James was running a 5k marathon and he’d asked me to go pick him up after the race. Before getting there, my father in law, Dale, called me to …